About Us

Our HistoryThis story, which began in the south of Brazil, near Sao Paulo, is worthy of a Hollywood script. If we were to define its argument, it would be by concepts of family love, sacrifice, prevailing, and pursuing a dream.

Our protagonists are the Ramos family:

Nelson acquired his love for gastronomy helping out at his father’s business at a young age. It was his first job, and it taught him to interact with customers and to learn the secrets of his flavor-destined skill. It never crossed his mind that working at his father’s simple dining place would soon be the kindle awakening of a beautiful and successful dream to have and manage his own restaurant, and much less that his name would be “BOIBRAZIL STEAKHOUSE” …today one of the most important restaurants in the city of Orlando Florida.

But as in every great story, there is a source of inspiration, behind a great man there is always a great woman, in this story, her name is Luciana, Nelson’s wife. His partner in good times and bad ones; who did not hesitate a minute to be Nelson’s support to such important dream. When she talks about her husband and how he acquired his experience, her eyes take a flash of admiration.

Nelson was very “curious”, she says: “At every restaurant where he worked, He offered to work in any position in which someone was needed.” he offered to work in all positions in which someone was needed …He always wanted to know everything … from the cooking points …with which to accompany the meat … how the kitchen worked … to how to prepare a hot and cold bar ….Wines … But above all, how to create a comfortable ambiance for everyone…” Although everything seemed to have already reached its peak…. That was where it all began. One day Nelson already felt that he was ready for the next step.

Business was successful, but this step was huge, for it would take him out of Brazil…To the United States. At that point in time, the Ramos family was ready for the challenge. They did not hesitate to make their bags, fill them with illusions, expectations, dreams, and get on a plane that would take them to Orlando Florida.

Located in one of the most important tourist cities in the world, Nelson Ramos, began planning the launching of the restaurant he so much believed on all his life. The search for the ideal place, led him to the intersection of two of the best known streets of Orlando: International Drive and Kirkman Road. Just a few blocks from Universal Studios, important hotels and attractions, and the “Orlando International Premium Outlets,” this zone became “THE” touristic place to visit. And although it seems like the story ends here… It is not for this dream ….It just where it all began.

In 2013, the lights went on, the employees took their positions, the meat was at its perfect point, the tables were ready … and with the nerves at stake on the Grand debut, the loud voice of the Host, announced as the curtain rose… “Welcome!!!!” …BOIBRAZIL STEAKHOUSE opened its doors for the first time! From then on, a new adventure story is told every day by returning customers and newcomers. It’s been 6 years of serving the community, between good days and better ones. Nelson’s family grew with the arrival of Julio and Luiza, and along with them BOIBRAZIL STEAKHOUSE also grew.

Luciana tells us that every interview that leads to a new employee, she greets them with a “Welcome to the family.” …And this is the reality for the BOIBRAZIL crew, even for “Hector”, his eldest son, who between training schedules to become a basketball player star, wears the restaurant’s uniform, following his father’s footsteps.

Nelson, enjoys this achievement, observing his own son’s attention to detail, fine courtesy to the public, and “being curious” while learning each day. What does the future holds for this family? It is hard to say, but destiny surely has something very special for BOIBRAZIL STEAKHOUSE and all of us. The rest of this nation will soon witness it, as we hear from them. The best way to end this story is with a great message, from Luciana to her husband Nelson: “…I love him and I will always accompany him in everything he wants to do…”Boi Brasil…your direct connection with the Sports World.

BOIBRAZIL STEAKHOUSE may not be a sports bar, but the strong connection with the world of sports, it’s obvious. If you have ever thought about seeing a frontline restaurant themed with sports motives, do not hesitate to come.

You can find a variety of sports items to enjoy, all of them cared for, organized, and protected to prevent deterioration. Social networks give a good account of their collection of relics. We have included it in this story because of its availability to please its customers.

For instance, if you have a request for a particular game re-play, they have enabled a sector and a line of communication, so you can contact them in advance, and a BOIBRAZIL STEAKHOUSE team will do everything in their power so that you can enjoy the broadcast meetings of your team, while you savor the best meat meals of Orlando.

Some featuring stars followers are “Flamengo” from Brazil, “Eintracht Frankfurt” from Germany, “Sao Pauo FC” from Brazil, “River Plate” from Argentina, “Sport Club Corinthians Paulista” from Brazil, “Palmeiras” from Brazil, “Atletico Nacional” from Colombia, “AFC Ajax” of Holland, and of course the “Orlando City SC” of Orlando Fl., and great sports personalities like “Rivaldo”, “Kaka”, “Jakson Follmann”, “Marta Vieira da Silva”, “Zico” , “The witch Veron”, “Higuita”, “Amauri Carvalho de Oliveira”, and other great football teams, and special guests who have passed and left their signature stamped on a T-shirt, while they were especially entertained. This highlight connection with the world of sports and the media has led BOIBRAZIL STEAKHOUSE has earned it the honored title of “OFFICIAL RESTAURANT OF THE FLORIDA CUP“, a distinction that undoubtedly deserves it as a reward for the constant work of the group of professionals from “BOIBRAZIL STEACKHOUSE“.